Broke Poetry 101: An Inauguration Of A New Series

I’m no guru, and I don’t want to be one.

I don’t have a terminal degree in poetry.

For that matter, I received my B.A. in philosophy. Regardless, I have spent some time reading, writing, and dissecting poetry in an academic setting. That fact is probably fairly obvious from the essays that I’ve shared here!

In thinking about my background and my tendency to just jump into that work, I came upon an idea: I may not have all the answers, but maybe I could write a series on some of the esoteric vocabulary/techniques/culture that I take for granted when I think about poetry. A few years ago, I didn’t have this toolkit at all. And I honestly can’t think of another free resource that goes into these topics in the way that would have helped me get to where I am.

(To be fair, there is probably something, somewhere, by someone that breaks all of this stuff down in this way. I just don’t know that resource!)

So this series is a chance for me to practice breaking down what I know, to help anyone that I may unintentionally alienate, and to hear from you if you have any better information that I’m overlooking. I hope you enjoy it and follow along!

For the first actual post I’ll be considering how to read or perform a poem. That will take a lot into account, but it is a question that I was really puzzled by when I first dove into poetry in a more serious way.

3 thoughts on “Broke Poetry 101: An Inauguration Of A New Series

  1. Will be interesting to see what you come up with. I am a poetry blogger (among other things) too, so I have an interest in the subject, but haven’t had much formal training outside of what I had in high school and have self-taught myself by studying poetry on my own. In many ways I’m glad I didn’t go on to college literature classes, but I do think it can benefit some.


    1. Thanks for the follow, Maranda. I hear you about college. I really don’t know what is better, but I have some training in it and it has helped me appreciate some aspects in a different way!
      I hope to hear from you as these posts roll out. Let me know if I’m boring you to death!


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